Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yummy Russian Sage

I posted this picture on my photo blog, but I love looking at it and want to post it here too.  I planted the Russian Sage beside my driveway / parked car. As I swung open the door, I looked over at the buzzing plant, assessing the bee situation. Many bees have found the plant this summer; I am not sure if its due to the hot weather / no rain or if it just took them three years to find it, but its a buzzing!  Just as I noted the bees were minding their own business, my eyes fell upon this gigantic, beautiful dragonfly. He was sucking back nectar too. He didn't flinch or budge as I moved in closer and closer.

I have never seen a dragonfly sit still for so long, allowing me to stand this close to take his picture. Or a dragon fly so big; I had to step back in order to capture his entire body. Bees were buzzing through the plant, I thought I might get stung, but it was worth it. I had dreamed of taking a close up of a dragon fly, and oh how lucky I feel now!

Happy weekend!

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