Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Plate storage-display

I have been deliberating with the idea of using either floating shelves above the sink or a vintage dish rack.  What do I want to look at, what do I want to see up there? What would be most practical? What would suit my personality the most?

Occasionally a beautiful vintage plate rack appears on Etsy (and since I was not committed at the one time I found an authentic french shabby chic rack, I missed out on it).   More so, many plate racks appear on UK websites (maybe they will ship, maybe I wont want to pay the shipping cost).

via UK website

via Etsy, this one sold out.

Here we have the cute canister shelf, oh so Parisian (although, if I recall correctly, the kitchen is in Australia).

And the very cool double plate rack wall. I prefer this kind of plate rack; not really a rack, just some open shelving. I would surely tire of putting each individual plate in a slot. One at a time. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Although I do really like the way they look (the slotted plate racks).

I have posted some of these inspiration photos before, but today the concentration is on shelving and plate racks. Sorry if its repetitive, but how could it be, they are beautiful photos.

Now, on to open, salvaged wood plank shelving options. Notice the different kind of brackets used. And the numbers. People like to display numbers. I like it too. I would choose the number three. What I have discovered is it is really hard to find deep salvaged would planks. I probably need at least 10", probably 12". I keep forgetting to measure my plates. But these pictures make it look really easy.

Source: themarionhousebook.com via Sara on Pinterest

And today, while eyeing some of my pinned kitchen ideas, I noticed in this photo they used soapstone for the counter AND the shelf. Kinda cool. Although, I wonder if I would ruin all my dishes, not lifting them high enough, nicking the the edge of the stone, breaking plates.

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