Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And the fence, came rolling down

One day you get a letter of company downsizing and the next day you find yourself taking down a fence.

It all started with my newly found time (guilt free free-time that is) and a list of no cost things that need to be done around the house.

1) clean windows- windex in truck (truck contains items from office clean out last Dec. Left in truck due to lack of other storage options. re-Discovered it the other day.) Windows never get washed in my house and I never buy window cleaner so this could be fun.
2) paint rest of trim (upstairs, vestibule, dining room)  - paint already in house
3) paint kitchen -that would be the one, very small overhang thing that I painted around.
4) cut grass
5) post ebay listing.

Nothing on the list about taking down fence.

When I went to the truck to get windex, I had the wrong keys. SO I started to pull vines off the garage instead. While pulling the vines away I envisioned how I could possibly turn this area into something from Home and Garden. Perhaps extend the pea gravel path, pile rocks along side garage to protect it. Build a rack to store kayak and canoe. Buy kayak and canoe. Gulp ... back to no-cost dreaming.

And then I drifted over to the fence and decided it was time

Pliers and wrench in pocket, I nervously plied off the ties, and unscrewed the hinges. The excitement grew. The anticipation kept my momentum. 

When I questioned my sanity, I took some pictures of the long grass that grows up the side which causes me great grass mowing disdain. And the rusty fence. The old, rusty 6 foot tall chain link fence. Things cannot be any less friendly then that.  If for no other reason, this thing HAS to come down.

I thought it would go easier then it did, but the easier things, I thought may have been harder. If that makes sense. 

After I untied all the metal ties (with the bright sun burning through my eyes) and unscrewed the end pieces and rolled back the first section, I was dreaming of BBQ'ing and drinking a beer at my new (free) table. Except it was only 1:30pm and  I still have to pick my kids up at school....

The cost of this project should be nothing more then a long dog leash to keep old deaf Luc from wondering too far.  And some red paint for the table.

I have ideas of leaving the horizontal poles and hanging a swing from one, laundry from another and a chin up bar on another.  These three ideas were the final push I needed to take down the chain link.  Plants and wooden garden fence will fill in the space in between the poles, for the time being.

The fence dismantling will keep me busy until I hear of a recall. And it was much more exhilarating then polishing windows. As it rolled back and opened up the back yard I could feel freedom; the 6 foot tall fence that had always made the backyard feel more like a prison.

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