Friday, April 12, 2013

Bedroom, WIP

I am pretty sure a main reason for documenting home progress by many bloggers is to help one visualize ideas by posting photos, motivate one to be accountable for getting things done and help make ideas materialize.  It is for me.

The other day I wrote about bouncing around different projects and leaving almost completed projects one step away from actually being done. An example, the paint touch up in my room.  Once I wrote the post, I was motivated to finish it. Ladder, tools, paint cans and drop cloths were all still upstairs. So easy to do.  Painting done. Materials put away. Yay.  Next step the gallery wall.

Undecided on which wall to commit to for photos, I moved some furniture around and snapped pictures in hopes of getting a better idea of what wall to use.  It was a dark, rainy day so the pictures are iffy and some so blurry I shouldn't post, but I need to look at the options and  the forecast calls for a month of cloudy, rainy weather...

I can self-critic the area, but I deleted that portion as I want to focus on the three wall spaces for the photos. The dilemma, not a big deal but... I like to move the bed around and there are two possible walls it fits on. If I mount a TV, I want to make sure its in the right space for viewing.  I also don't want one corner heavily decorated and the other corner too light / empty.

For the time being, this one section completed.

The paint colour, Puccini Pink by Glidden, mixed with Benjamin Moore. Its really working for this room. Like it lots now.

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