Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Creating a home

I wander to different projects, not actually completing one before starting the next.   Working in circles so it seems, moving from one project to the next as each one poses a road block. Naturally, these half done projects pile up.

Remember the slipcover I was making? Half done. One side sewn the other side left at the basting stage. (I put the project aside to do other things) Chair is in use. Good enough.

And my room? A pile of pictures on the floor, intended for a gallery wall. And I still have to paint the frame around the window. (Ho hum, when will I return to this)

And the tall stairway wall? Yeah, still debating the raisin paint colour. (Not really. Now that I know what I want it can wait until I'm in the mood to deal with it.)

In regular fashion, I start something else, the backyard. Hey, the sun came out, I had to. Worked on it more yesterday, digging up a garden preparing it for plants.  I move on, walk past the very last pile of leaves that need to be stuffed in a bag and put out front but instead of doing that I end up in between the two garages. An interesting, laborious task; cutting bad trees, tearing old vines off the building, raking out the leaves and dealing with rocks.

Neatly piling the rocks for use later on, until I am exasperated and wondering why this area is filled with rocks. A dumping station? Some kind of water irrigation system?  So I start tossing the rocks out and in front. But there are way to many rocks and I just don't want to move the issue from one place to another without a better idea of what to do later on.

Giving up on the rock space, I haphazardly start pulling vines off the back of the garage. Sticky little grippers, paint and all.

Until I discover this. A birds nest.  I'm so sorry bird. I hate disrupting life (although I think it was vacated and unused). (It was really high up, so when I went to photograph it, my arm up stretched as high as it can go, taking a chance on auto focus. Got the leaf and vine in stead. ha)

Saddened by disturbing the nest and perplexed by all the rocks, (yet somewhat impressed by the progress) I quit for the day.

When I return to gardening this morning, I stepped over the pea gravel edging fix up job I had started yesterday, (edging that was left half done a year ago because I ran out of narrow thick rocks, but luckily found some in the newly dug out rock pile).

Walk past the garden table and take note that I could squeeze a bunch of those rocks in to the patio I started last year but never finished (because I just didn't like how it was turning out).

But in the meantime, I really need to dig up another garden out front. Why? Because all I ever do to this area is mow over bumpy lumpy ground covered in weeds. It's a nuisance (my normal motivation for doing some kind of yard work in an effort to make life easier) so get rid of the problem and extend the front garden.

This time I manage to finish a task!  Almost. Still need the plants. And now I have found three areas to spread some of those rocks around and then hopefully I can clear out the rest of the ally. And another day too finish off the other half done projects. Perhaps not as long at it will take the birdie to build a new home ... that takes time.

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