Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winging it: A slipcover

A little project: Ticking fabric, pins and chalk

Tired of the old ikat burgundy cat scratched armchair and looking for something new. A quick search and instant inspiration from this post. Ticking fabric already on hand, bought for some other forgotten project. A trial run, a little bit of practice and experience before I invest and tackle the two footstools in the same ikat fabric that were put away in storage.  The goal: update the footstools for my daughters room.

But first some practice.  Fabric washed, shrunk and frayed. Draped over object. Pinned in all the obvious places. Pins are your best friend. Found many places and uses for pins. Chalk is your second best friend. Basting is helpful too. With a little patience, one can baste in a straight line (not me though).

So far this has been a two day project. Day one ended with not enough fabric (way back in the fall of 2012). A few months later with more fabric and 6 hours to myself, lots of progress. Wow, the things one can accomplish with a day to themselves. A run, a long dog walk and some creative time to fiddle with this project and the sewing machine.

I'm going for a frayed edge around the top and back. A refined edge around the arms. And a normal sewn edge tucked in the arms. The slit in front, I have decided to leave open, easier to pull the slip cover on. Will find some velcro and funky buttons to finish the closing.

Now sorry to disappoint, but this is as far as I got yesterday.   But with my new skills and experience (haha) I'll go ahead and purchase the velvet fabric for the cushion and get the fabric for the footstools.   More thread too (the real reason for not completing stage one!).

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