Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Because I work a bit better under pressure and I have oodles of idle time on my side, I decided it was time to learn to crochet. Something I have always wanted to do; how fun is it to make yourself a sweater, scarf or even a blanket. Having a blossoming toddler that is exercising her independence but still likes me to be near by works in my favour.  She plays and explores, I can crochet near her. And the soccer practices, yes, sitting for an hour and a half twice a week, another slot of time that leaves me with twiddling thumbs that can now be put to use.

While my son was looming hats in December, I made a few squares on the loom, put them together and made a little blanket for little toys. Painted mandarin crates and little patches of yarn make nice toys for busy kids.

My son also wants to step up his needle work and learn to crochet. I encouraged him to finish this last hat he was making for his grandma before tackling a new project (ha, I should encourage myself too). 

I wanted to buy him a yellow blanket for his bed.   But instead, yellow yarn in basket, idle time to fill and lots of little projects to work on; the slipcover to finish, the kitchen wall to paint and this new project, a twin size patchy blanket to crochet. Between procrastinating, waiting for material and walking in circles, I should manage to get one of them done.

I recommend this beginner video to start off your new hobby.  I found following along with the video was easier then reading a book. A book is also useful, one that explains the different knots and how to merge different colours (still have to learn that), and offers some ideas and patterns.

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  1. i tried to learn once and it did not go well, haha :)


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