Thursday, April 18, 2013

Painted desk

An old desk from long ago, made by someone, originally painted brown with an oak top. When I acquired it, I painted it this bumpy green Ralph Lauren colour.   And then the cat used it as a scratching post. 

And then the knobs fell off and instead of putting them back on, I just stuffed them in the drawer with all the other homeless items around my home.

This desk is where I do all my computer work  play at home. Time for an update and with a sampling of different white paint test cans on hand, I grabbed China White.

And ta da!

I know, a very minor update. But it does look (and IS) cleaner. The drawer is organized and the knobs are back on and the token dusting that goes along with painting; that got done too.

Painting music: Po' Girl

Epilogue: I'll either dip dye the legs a bright yellow or blue. OR paint the desk blue and leave white dip dyed legs....

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