Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Golden Rule

Maybe this blog should be called Random Thoughts Documented, While 100 Year Old House Gets Renovated.

I broke the golden rule today. I am so ashamed.

I have several funky corduroy jackets; my long time favourite fitted orange jacket. A burgundy one, similar to a jean jacket. And two, yes count 'em, two very similar brownish cord fleece lined jackets. One from the Abercrombie line circa 2001. I had to write to customer service to locate the jacket once I discovered it was sold out in stores. I pleaded with them, told them this was the BEST design and I hadnt bought it earlier as I was 10 months pregnant, but yes, I wanted it now. And they did find it for me and I did get to wear it home from the hospital after giving birth to my baby boy. I forget what his coming home outfit was, but I remember my jacket. And then there is the 2nd one, the male version, bomber style jacket from American Eagle circa 2004. Very cool too.

How I managed to leave the house with corduroy pants AND a corduroy jacket on today, I have no idea. And I didn't even notice until I was half way to work, 10 blocks away from home. Maybe it is because I am limited to 3 pair of pants right now, one being the black pair of cords, the culprit. I had to go home to meet the firewood guy at noon. First thing I did was go upstairs and change.

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