Monday, November 15, 2010


My living room is an odd shape; actually not odd at all, its rectangular, but there are many doorways leading into the room. Such an exciting room, one needs to be able to access it QUICKLY and EASILY.  Or leave it quickly. There is the french door set leading to the dining room.  And another doorway leading to the kitchen. And another door leading to a porch. As if three doorways in the room are not hard enough to work around; there is forth.  The most important door in a house and the biggest challenge as it separates the room into two. The front door leading right into the middle of the room. I hate that. But that didn't stop me from buying the house.  There are actually two front doors, separated by a tiny, tiny foyer. So it wasn't quite front doorway leading directly into the living room.

So I am challenged with finding carpets.  A large, huge one, 10 x 20+ - hard to find, hard to pay for - although I like the idea of no furniture and one large carpet and a huge bean bag chair a la UrbanOutfitters.

I like the pattern on this round rug and I think it will work perfectly as an accent rug. In front of the piano and the grey and white striped wall. Yep.
I recently bought a 5x8 brown patch rug, but neither the sparkly floor nor room look better. And the rug lost its appeal. The hardwood floors are gleaming and it requires a carpet that compliments it.  This one pops. Right in front of the fire place. 8x10 is a bit big for the area, and 8x9 doesn't exist:

Love the doily.

I am a bit of a rug fanatic. Maybe I'll post more now that I figured out how to take an image. Actually, these photos are compliments of Anthropologie and they openly share their images.

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