Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New York City

 We are leaving on a train tomorrow. Heading to NYC. I have been longing for a train ride. For several  years now. But having a dog and a car, it always made more sense to bring the dog and drive. This time I am treating myself to NOT driving, sitting back and enjoying the ride. I also long for big city stimulation in the fall.
We were there a year and a half ago. We went with a friend to see the Mermaid Parade on Coney Island. It was cold and raining. We stood under a shelter, bundled up, shivering, waiting and waiting and waiting for the first mermaids to parade on by. They did come. I no longer felt cold, not after these lunatics, brave assortment of people dressed in skimpy mermaid attire paraded by. I was too cold to take pictures, but certainly a time to remember.

We also hung out in Central Park and took the free ride past the Statue of Liberty.

Last year I was directed to a lodging site, Take a look at their Top 40, enjoy the photos, dream a little!. For this trip, I found a carriage house in Brooklyn to rent (at half the price of a hotel). Besides walking the streets we want to visit the National Museum of Civilization, Time Square at night, SoHo, Greenwich Village, Central Park, Anthropologie (any and all), FAO Schwarz, another museum - perhaps MoMA, the new Children's museum in Brooklyn - free on saturday afternoons. If we walk by Ochre, I will pop in. And any other store I have read about and admired their photos online. Ride up some skyscrapers and have dinner w/ Oya (Sat. eve), whom apparently lives on the 27th floor of a skyscraper... Maybe I will take a few more shots of some birds. I would like to see the/a prison ... homage to Law & Order, no more. Lets see what happens.

photo credits: sara l. davies

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