Thursday, March 10, 2011

Picture wall,

I really like Martha Stewart's All-in-a-Row picture wall. A new look (for me) for a gallery wall

I am very slowly working on this idea.  I managed to buy a couple cheap ($1.00) frames at Micheals art store. I still have to paint them black. I decided this is a good time to buy some chalk board paint so I can "dual project" - paint the frames and paint a chunk of a wall in chalk board paint.

A few months ago I was at Micheals picking up black frames for baby pictures ... I have had lots of good forture (left in my pocket), hitting Micheals during their frame sales.  I will also need to develop a few of my pictures.  And then get this wall working....once I determine which wall to hang the photos.

This seems like a good time to write a list of things to work on, things in progress, things completed, because now a days I am as good a chicken without her head. I feel like nothing is getting completed, I am running around trying to survive the basics and things are piling up. Between work, baby, boy, 2 feet of snow, car stuck in driveway because neighbour parked infront of the entrance of driveway so snowplow could not plow, shoveling, home stuff, and a bunch of pets under my feel...well my new mantra has been "at least my home is mouse free", thanks to the three cats that constantly jump on the counters or try to steal food from the fridge. My son has been tasked with training the cats from jumping on counters and tables. He happily took to this, using his water gun. But I mostly need to alert him to the cat on the counter and then he has to get his water gun, sometimes reload it ... but its working. The two little cats have learned to stay off the dining room table, and when they do forget, they quickly remember when they see that colourful water squirter and master with big grin coming their way. My daughter has been tasked with feeding the dog dinner. Well, she just does this, so I have turned it into her job. I no longer feed him dinner and he gets bits and pieces from her new interest in exploring the soup pot filled with dog food.  I have been tasked with teaching her "no" dog food vs human food.  This is working too, she looks at me, puts a piece of dog food in her mouth, I say no and she spits it out.

Focus, back to the list

Kitchen gutted -check
~WIP - researching stove, electrical work
~WIP - moving kitchen stuff back into kitchen onto temp shelving.
~Barnes and Nobles is going out of business in our local mall. Everything is for sale, including shelving, tables chairs. There is a little table that would work perfect in my kitchen. (Painted black of course), Problem is the undertaker has priced the furnishings very high - $125 for the table!!! - which is no bigger the 2'x3' with spindle legs. It is a beauty though. I have bought two other furnishings this way, a round table and a coffee table. I paid no more the 25 dollars for each. And by weight alone, all of these store furnishings are of the same quality. I may return to B&N this weekend and see if the prices have dropped.

Dining room
~Hanging Industrial light. My contract-her didn't do this for some reason. I have too many other things on the go to complete this. I suspect it will get done when I call in my electrical person for kitchen work.
~Continue to clear dining room of kitchen stuff - fairly good progress here.

Living room
~re-Paint all walls white; they are already white, but flat. They need brightening up.
~Still interested in grey and white striped wall
~Clear console of kitchen stuff.
~Sofa. Actually, I was just browsing this new book that was posted on another blog.  It is almost clear what style I like for a sofa. I have been drawn to this Uni-seat cushion, dual back cushion or several throw pillows, low back, sofa in may other photos and then in this book, there were three and what I need became very clear. I want a "sink-in-super-comfortable-lay-down-read-book-yet-streamlined" sofa. I wonder if I will have to buy this book, to absorb even more.

Crafty things
~WIP - painting L U C Y letters for Lucy's wall
~WIP - Picture wall - collecting frames, developing photos.

 Our mostly living has moved upstairs to my bedroom. I keep falling asleep at 9pm. Wake up at 5:30. Nothing wrong with these hours; I get some free time in the morning along with feeding the pets, laundry, clean the basement of any accidents, let the dog out, veg in front of computer for a bit (too long), before the kids get up and we get ready for school, work and the day. But I was missing some veg out time in the evening. So we moved the tv upstairs to my bedroom. WHICH I am mostly against, but when it was down stairs and when I had the energy to go down there, I often fell asleep on the couch. SO UP it went and now we all fall asleep in front of it , but we are all snuggley in my bed. I think its ok for the time being. I get a diversion. We all get to cuddle. We all fall asleep. Maybe in the spring time we will work out something else.

Well that's as long as my list here is going to get. Its much longer in real, but my head feels supported on neck for the time being, so back to work work I go.

postscript: I just zoomed into the picture wall photo gallery and realized all the frames are the same. I will have to rethink my plan. I believe I am attracted to this look because of the continuity AND the reflection like set up. This may make the idea come to life faster ...

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