Monday, May 23, 2011

Dish about this

I am loving West Elms Flow series...

Since I am busy digging and taping and almost painting; well when I say busy I mean during my downtime at home, when baby naps or is happily playing. Right now we are at work work and she has been sleeping for 3 hours. (All the weekend work must have worn her out.) With this long nap, I could have finished the wall and hauled out some dirt.  Alas, I am at work and taking a break. No progress on the home stuff, but I had some design dollars to spend @ West Elm and that is always fun.

When I bought the bed, I earned some design dollars and they have been encouraging me to spend them. I wanted a twin bed frame to put on my porch, but they are all sold out.  A new duvet was considered for my room makeover, but I'm over the bed stuff for now. 

Instead I ordered some practical glass storage jars for lentils, pasta and rice. Organizing stuff always makes for a good purchase and my gutted kitchen could benefit from less clutter and more pretty things.   I also ordered the lovely FLOW tray, in gray/beige... 

AND for later, when I have two floating shelves cut from old barnwood installed above the FarmHouse kitchen sink w/ Bridge faucet, I am loving West Elms FLOW dish set:

And serving bowls,

And African Bread Bowls


  1. Aww..I love those jars and bowls..They are so beautiful. Great buy, darling. Happy Monday

  2. I've been looking for tall glass jars just like that so i can put spaghetti in them!


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