Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jewelled peacocks, little VW cars

Heading down (or up?) the Bosphorus Strait I like to stroll through the arts and crafts market in Ortaköy, Istanbul.

We find many beautiful items such as scarves, hammered gold rings, spray painted gold mirror frames, little leather pouches, peacock jewelled hair clip ...ah it goes on.

We returned to the market in search of wee, wee VW cars to add to our collection. Sadly there were none to be found. Luckily we were not disappointed by all the other goodies.

We discovered Nahil. The little knitted booties drew my attention.

I have swooned over these kind of knitted booties @ ETSY shops ever since I spotted them when pregnant with L. But I was neither gifted a pair ;), nor bought myself a pair.   Having them live, in front of me, I couldn't resist. My daughter has outgrown baby booties, but I do know two people I picked up a couple pairs.

The woman also gave me a pretty bookmark with details of the store, Nahil; an enterprise of the Foundation for the Support of Women's work (FSWW).  Women produce the goods and the income is used to support Women and Children Center's

The website has many lovely items for sale, from soaps and sponges to knitted boots to tree ornaments and adorable dolls. The dolls are my favourite. I am pining for a couple.


  1. those little cars are so cute, they remind me of my matchbox car collecting days :)

  2. I love that first pretty! And I don't blame you for buying the booties. I'd have bought them too...and I don't even have anyone to give them to!


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