Friday, July 29, 2011

Vestibule helpers

I usually post a {this moment} photo and join in w/ Soulemama and followers. This week I couldn't find a photo I really loved.  But I do have a relevant video. Relevant both to the blog theme and this moment.

I have been scraping wallpaper for the past week. At first, my son thought it looked fun and wanted to help. He lasted 10 minutes.  Then my daughter thought it looked like real people stuff and had to do it too. She is 17 mths and loves to mimic other people. Likes to help herself to food on a shelf, feed herself, walk the dog, carry bags. She does all of this with such confidence and independence and disregard to her little self. She refuses help and gets mighty frustrated when the task is out of reach for her wee motor skills.

It was no surprise she wanted to scrape wallpaper. For awhile she enjoyed watching through the plexi-glassLESS door. Then she started dropping things through the opening. And then she just came on through and took over. It was cute for a bit, but I was in the groove and wanted to scrape. I tried enticing her to swap the scraper for other things she used to enjoy. BUT NO WAY. She shook her head at me and went back to work. I resigned and decided to embrace the moment and make a video.

"hereyougo" -  her first word/phrase and she has been saying it for 6 months now.  hereyougo has evolved into other meanings, such as "give it to me", "pass it to me please". "give me my soother NOW".  She also slangs it to just "go", when she is in a hurry. At her one year checkup, the doctor didn't believe me that those were her first words and wanted to know if she could say mama or papa. Um, that hasn't come up.  She seems content with this phrase.  I thought it was really cute at first. But after 1000 times ... I am relieved she has expanded her vocabulary with Buhbye, Bye and Hi and Yep. And frantically waving hands and shaking head w/ a smile for "No".

Yeah, sorry the video is sideways...I keep forgetting I can only capture landscape views.


  1. What sort of amazing furniture is she sitting on? This video will be so great to show her when she's big and the walls are perfectly new.

  2. So cute and funny! Your little one is so adorable. But I can imagine that you just wanted to DO IT. I'm glad that you were able to just go with the moment and make the video. Can't wait to see the finished wall!


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