Monday, August 1, 2011


Best buddies and Tinfoil meals.

linking in w/ Amanda

It started right after daycamp for Chaz,
I left work earlier to pack the car.
Cooler & food. check. Tent. check. hiking shoes & flipflops. Check.
Call from friend, shall I pick up Chaz and bring him round.
Sure. Rolling right a long and  ahead of schedule.
but no baby. the babysitter has taken her out!
All is well, we got on the road 5 minutes ahead of schedule
South on the road for a camping night.
1 hour drive, through a blinding rainstorm.
uh oh. this is the worse kind of weather for pitching a tent.
no worries, it ends.

turn west and continue.
beautiful rolling hills and meadows. shall i stop and take a picture. nah, capture it in my mind.
and whats this, a huge clothing sale under tents in the middle of the country route?
a few miles later and another one, and another. interesting, but we are going camping

arrive at the park, no rain, happy boys,
3 best buddies. a brother. a baby, a dog and 3 mommy friends.
pitch the tents, get the baseball gloves, rackets, explore the park,
oh look i forgot the sleeping bags. this trip was all about the menu and i forgot some gear.
thankful for an extra blanket.

colourful bagged vegetables; squash and zucchini, garlic, carrots and potatoes.
porkchops and apricots.
all wrapped in tinfoil and grilled to perfection.
corn on the cob, throw in the flames for cooking.
hotdogs and wine.
and s'mores, naturally.

play in the waterfall,
swim in the waterhole.
water temperature 67 degrees. finally cool off
3 mile hike along the gorge
some more wading in the waters

saturday late afternoon, time to go. but first a small OREO cookie trunk party.

Two minutes on the road and everyone snoring. The boy, the baby and the dog
Back at home and I get to relax and watch a movie.

A little bit of evening tennis with the boy and the baby
And then bed,  last night sleeping on the futon in the living room.
extended slumber party and heat wave finally over.
My back could really use a proper bed again

Sunday morning trying to be lazy & productive.
vacuum, laundry, scrape the walls
no such luck, baby wants attention.
how about a shower. nope. she screamed and didnt want me to do that either.

Sunday lacrosse scrimmage & pizza picnic to end the season.
walk to the public pool
swim with friends.
back at home, hang out and tend to the animals.

sort through the bags of clothes, pull some rarely worn dresses
to try out a sweet-repeats sale.

INspired to cook some brown rice and lentils for dinner.
Another game of tennis.
Clean up and bed, upstairs on the pillowtop mattress.
Are heads resting peacefully, proper sleep for mondays'  adventures at a new daycamp.


  1. sounds like a VERY full weekend! your camping meal of pork chops and veggies sounds delish :)

  2. it sounds like a fabulous weekend to me...any time with my children is a blessing!

  3. What a lovely weekend! I felt like I was there with you when reading your words.


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