Monday, July 18, 2011

OH My Darling! Camping style

On the muncher:
shirt - Osh Kosh
pants - Children's Place
socks - Old Navy
accessories: wooden chair @ a festival; strawberries and graham crackers

On the whittler:
top - Istanbul souvenir shop
bottoms - Life Is Good company
accessories - Swiss Army pocket knife;

**Macrocarpa Camp Ground, between the Ottawa River and the PPJ Old Railway Bike trail, Quebec


  1. WONDERFUL AND GREAT!!!! And I learned what brand do your like. Aha, there is Old Navy and Children's Place.

    Sara, these pictures are just priceless. And your little and big darlings are wonderful!!!!


  2. Your little one really has the spirit of camping down pat! Sitting and eating are two big components of camping. Ha! We took my niece for the first time, and we were sitting around the fire, poking at it with sticks and passing around a bag of almonds. She asked "what are we going to do?" and we said "We're doing it already".

  3. What adorable little campers. We just got back from a rather wet camping adventure on Shaw Island, and I, too, took so many pics of my girls just hanging out at the picnic table, around the campfire.


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