Monday, July 18, 2011

Trail of Amaranth

last years Amaranth strangled by the Morning Glories

I dug up the garden plot in April, intending to plant tomatoes and beans and keep the morning glory. I tossed the weeds and last years stalks onto the concrete slabs (that I had started to clear off, dig out and remove for a stone patio).

I (meaning, I paid my son to do the hauling) then hauled the piles to the front yard for pick up.  I noted a trail of burgundy sprouts appearing.... We then left for a few weeks.

And came back to an overgrown garden, naturally, and a trail of Elephant Head Amaranth, from backyard to front yard.

Maybe the Amaranth wanted center stage this year?

What is puzzling to me is how did this plant spread in April, before it even sprouted and had seeds.

We are finally put for the summer so I can get back to work on the backyard plans. And although the Amaranth has spread a bit too much for my liking, it has given me another idea! I like the enclosed area it has created along through the area where the patio edge will be and I think I will plant some Hydrangeas in place of the weed herb.

As for the front yard, the Amaranth gets a good monthly chopping thanks to city debris pick up! Eventually I'll pull the little plants and try to permanently get rid of them.

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