Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP projects&tasks

Due to Attention Deficit brought on by mobile baby, my tasks and projects seem to be piling up at the 1/3 into it marker. I have several things on the go or I was forced into starting several projects at the same time, but can only spend ... a half hour at the most on any one project before I am needed elsewhere. This is a good thing, I tell myself. Its made me start some things that have been percolating. And although I may want to spend more time on one task, maybe I will get to see several projects completed within a short period of each other, not to be mistaken by the actual project taking a short time.

Cutting grass: Two portions of the front were cut on the weekend, YAY (and again two days later, cause that is the only part I can cut!). A difficult task as it had already been two weeks worth of growth and my beloved reel mower cannot handle that.  The blades may need sharpening. One more portion of the front to cut, but its too long. And getting longer.  Back yard, its at 1wk2 days growth. Enter Whipper Snipper.

Whipper snippering edges. Decided that, along with doing the edges, I can finish off front with whipper snipper. Alas the rain. At least I have a backup while the grass continues to grow. Once I figure out how to change the cord that does the cutting.

FINALLY, Finally, prepping the wall for grey and white stripes. Bought paint. Tape. Check. Started taping. YES.

Painting stair risers and banister. Started, unexpectedly.

Pennant banner. Started here. Now it's cut and hanging and left unsewn for the time being.

Poncho: I wasn't looking, it found me. Its been raining and raining and books need browsing. A cute, easy no sew fleece poncho to make. Brilliant idea for this damp weather.

Back yard. Digging, digging, digging.

Flower garden done...ish. Grass dug out. Rocks re-fitted. Weeds pulled. Ant farm flooded out. Russian sage coming up. Cosmos planted.

Garden perimeter needs expanding though, as I just found my other Russian sage ...

... hidden in the grass a foot away from the edge

Veggie garden. Digging. Went to Christmas Tree Store to buy some planter boxes for a raised garden. Great deal. All sold out, naturally. Get back to this on a sunny day. (Veggie garden -> long rectangle plot along the fence)

And the Concrete area: Decided to dig/tear off the overgrown grass and see how much the concrete slab takes up. (Isn't the grass a beautiful green, thank you rain)

Luckily its old and breaking up so I may just get rid of the concrete and lay down a paver patio. A lower patio off the deck that I need built! Sounds lovely.

Behind house. Dug out weeds and burrs. Want some pebbles to fill in area. And bamboo. Which I found some! And got a little tutorial -> friend's mom grows it and is going to me some shoots.

Alcove area: Cut out as much of mildewy bush as my rusty old garden scissors could manage (before). Need to return to this and get the base and roots out and that BAD BAD maples. Whoa, that grows fast.

I imagine for a second, if I can use all the time I have on one project! One may be done, and my grass cut. But I only imagine for a second. Because I wouldn't change a thing. As well, Mobile baby is not the reason the grey and white striped wall has taken 6mths, in fact she is the reason why I finally got around to taping it up and working on these other things.

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