Friday, July 1, 2011

A windy walk down to the Strait - home fronts

We are situated on top of a hill, in Levent. There is aroundabout, sort of, ramps are involved, and three busy roads stemming off of the roundabout, each heading to a district; Levent, Ulus and Etiler. Akmerkez, high end shopping mall, is at the "roundabout", where the three roads intertwine. From this point, or from anywhere along the stems leading to Etiler or Ulus, one can pick any road and head down a hill to the Bosphorus Strait.

I enjoy doing this as the roads are very steep, narrow and windy.  Some are entirely cobblestone, to give cars better traction. On top of the hill most of the dwellings seem to be stores and apartments. Going down the hill one can admire all sorts of dwellings. It is impossible to get lost, one can take any fork in the road, so long as you head down. At the bottom you end up in either Bebek or Arnavutk√∂y, two cool neighbourhoods.

Colourful, aren't they!

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