Thursday, October 6, 2011

Backyard progress week ending #3

And possibly the last.  Is this the slowest moving project, or do I just update too much?

Sunday started out miserably, rain and cold. My spirits dampened by the weather and not being able to work in the rain. Decided to drive to the landscaping place to check out their rocks and the SUN came out. ROCK piles and sun lifted my spirits. I compared heaping piles of pink pea gravel vs gray pea gravel.  Found out their delivery schedule. The visit, rock talk and SUN inspired me to do the last of the prep work.

Dug out the last concrete slab on that afternoon. Hauled it to the front in my handy 5 gallon buckets.

Disregarded the $3400 dollar estimate for busting up and replacing cracked concrete step.

Last night (Wed) I "rototillered", by shovel, the area that needs leveling. Raked the area for the very last time.

Sorted the raked up good rocks (round rocks for dry stream bed) and bad rocks (small chunks of concrete). Edged the border with my birthday gift shovel (yeah who gets a shovel for their birthday?? :))

Took an official measurement of the area. 17.5 x 13 = 227.5 square feet.

Took another before and after progress photo.

Yeah, ignore the other small areas where weeds have sprouted, again. I still need to figure out how to implement my idea, phase 2.

And I'm so giggly with excitement (over pea gravel...reallly????!!! ... follow through and the anticipation of completing a project)

Some reference numbers:
17.5 x 13 = 227.5 square feet.
3 inches deep
2.49 cubic yards, adding 20%-30% for compaction so 3 cubic yards!

$37 / yard

40 dollars delivery

for a total of $163.

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