Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In and around the Sumac tree

Walking around and photographing the Sumac tree brought back summertime childhood memories, recalling fondly the sumac tea our adored and knowledgeable camp counselors whipped up.

My son recalls tasting the leaves last year at his summer camp. He trepidly tried it ...

... not sweet enough.

I pushed aside the long grass,  peered into the interior and discovered a roomy & shaded opening, full canopy and lots of possibilities.

It wasn't until the drive home, kids nodding off and momma's brain wandering and ideas merging. The colourful tapestry that I wanted to tie on the fence to create a lean-to and provide a sheltered area in our back yard; a cool place to rest outside on hot summer days  (as seen in the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and if you haven't seen the movie, GO. NOW.) and the empty space Under the Sumac Tree. I thought next time we return I will bring the tapestries and flatten the grass and make a fort Under the Sumac Tree. We will picnic and invite our friends, so long as they know the password. Under the Sumac Tree

Before those merging ideas, back at the farm, I was brainstorming other ideas; Sumac and clover, Clover and sumac. I had tired of the name of my blog (Another 100 year old house renovation) for a long, long time. I had started it on a whim while I was in the middle of a long bathroom renovation. But renovations take a long time and my blog had quickly changed directions, renos becoming a small portion. I thought of making a new blog and managing two, but once I started categorizing posts, saving some, moving some over, deleting others, things didn't seem right.  So for now, a simple title change.

Sumac & Clover

Sweetness, under the Sumac Tree

I'll still post about the kitchen renovation and other upgrades, but wont feel the need to keep on track with a renovation blog. Instead, the photos and ideas will be all inspiring, a little kid stuff, a little nature and little travel, lifestyle kinda stuff. And the next time we return to the farm, we will create our fort and see where our imagination takes us.

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  1. I love "Sumac Lemonade". I've only ever made it once, but I've been wanting to make some again recently. It's super easy to make, but you need to pick the flower cones when they're a nice, bright, deep red (and preferably before rainy weather).


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