Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A story of actualizing ideas: Wire basket

A long time ago I stumbled across this wire basket and fell in love. The most I could afford to do with it was post up a idea board & share it.

And then, one day many moons later, mid-pinterest hype, a store pinned their wares and there, across my screen, was a very good looking wire basket shelf.  Images of my half-bath mood board flashed through my head and faster then superman on laundry day I hit the purchase button and, not a week later, home came my wire basket shelf and visions came true.

I have had it for several months now and LOVE it!

(Its real over here, I could have styled it but you know, its in the bathroom and this is not only a beautiful wire basket shelf, it is functional too! My tissue and toilet paper need to be stored somewhere!)

Both wire baskets are long ago sold out now (antiquefarmhouse & sundance), but the moral of the story is, EYES WIDE OPEN, you never know when you may stumble across something and bring your idea to life.

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  1. that must feel nice to accomplish! i always have ideas..never the follow through! although i did buy copper spray to spray paint a lamp this w/e...i felt like that was huge!


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