Thursday, October 25, 2012

Green tomatoes

This summer I had planted three tomato plants. One plum shaped orange tomato plant flourished. The other two regular heirloom red tomato plants did ok. I often plucked the almost ripe tomatoes off, bagged them and left them on my friends porches.  And they often returned the favour by bringing me a bowl of stew or garden soup made with said tomatoes. Clever, eh. ;).  I also managed to give a pocket full of green tomatoes away during my sons bday party - one parent exclaiming his wife had southern roots and often made fried green tomatoes.

Fall is well upon us with the first frost coming around the corner. I was getting eager to clean up the garden but there were still tonnes of green tomatoes dangling on the vine.   Taking advantage of a beautiful day, I went with the frost notion and decided to pluck all the tomatoes and dig up the plants. I'm not sure if these ones will ripen.  Some of them look ok on the outside, but when I cut them, the have already gone bad.  I have heard wrapping in newspaper helps them along to ripen.

Growing is fun, but next year I will just plant one plant.  Now, what to do with the rest, sitting on my front stoop{in the rain} isn't going to help them ripen. Waiting for some grand scheme. Stray deers, cats come on over.

FYI: Here is tomato harvesting and ripening site. I should have read it last week, I like the idea of extracting the entire plant, roots, tomatoes and all, and hanging it upside down in the basement.


  1. My friend pickles her green tomatoes. You should try it. They taste so good:) Let me know if you need the recipe for it. I can get it for you. Muah

  2. Hmmm Never have heard of that. Sounds like a good possibility to try!


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