Friday, October 26, 2012


Here is my cooktop. And oven. And soapstone. This was shortly after it was installed and oiled up, a few weeks ago.

There is this huge list ... have I complained about it yet? I keep going through it, moving items around, striking things off, reorganizing it in hopes of it looking better and easier to manage.   The items range from as simple as finding mineral oil bottle that was left for counters to gooping off the goop on the oven to installing door fronts and fillers to ... postponing until January, such as building pantry. And although I have been using the kitchen this weekend I hope to tackle a few of the things on the list, none that get my excited, but at least I will be happy when completed.

After today's unseasonable high temperatures, a hurricane is headed north, with potential snow storms.  Frakenstorm they call it! Maybe cold wet weather is what I need to keep me inside and get stuff done.


  1. good luck with frankenstorm!!! and p.s. your comment "the baby owns you" was the best, haha! so true..

  2. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures from your kitchen renovation!

    The soapstone is beautiful!

    ox, Mon


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