Monday, October 22, 2012

Stuff, links and a list

I haven't posted for the past few days. Not sure why; I have a lot to say.  And it is autumn, the most beautiful time to take pictures.

Maybe because my Rebel broke. Luckily I still have a pocket sized camera.

Maybe because assembling the drawers and door fronts on the kitchen  cabinets have gotten the best of me. Or the worst of me.

Maybe because after the climatic kitchen renovation install, I made a list and discovered I still have a gazzillion things to do before I can officially close this renovation saga.

Maybe because I have done a 180 and am now focusing all my attention on relocating my work office by the end of the month.

I did manage to take care of a few kitchen decor details and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.

I can say I am thoroughly enjoying my new appliances, counter and lay out. Have baked banana bread, brownies, croissants and a birthday cake. Made some red lentil, spicy soup and aromatic brown rice and lentils. Some french toast, pancakes and more pancakes. And last night, pesto salmon. Yes cooking lots and loving my new space.

I can also say I took full advantage of the beautiful fall morning yesterday and tore down the dead climbing vines, plucked off all the green tomatoes and tore out the plants. Dug and turned some soil. And hopefully will get to plant something before the first frost.

I can also say I just won a giveaway on a lovely lifestyle blog. A very cool score of many items - a tea towel for my new kitchen and half my Christmas shopping now looked after :).  Mostly, it really made my day when I discovered the win and made me want to post again and share. Check out the blog which, besides hosting weekly giveaway's, she digs up and discusses many interesting topics from travel, home, work, day to day, fashion ...etc. And the store that provided the loot.

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