Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snapshots - Christmas part 2

We arrived fairly close to scheduled time. My niece had already had three snow days, she reported, after all this is Canada. It was good to be home, my parents farm is the perfect setting for Christmas. Family, food, traditions. And even though my parents head south a few days after Christmas, they still manage to decorate and host. My favourite childhood decoration was the skating rink scene she set up. I spent many hours staring at the scene, examining all the people and village.

We are a small group, 3 siblings and a few offspring. We tried to capture a photo of the cousins. For some reason Lucy thought she should be cheering with her arms. The littlest one wasn't so keen being apart from her dad.

Our annual boxing day sled fest was successful, my sons favourite event. Well, one of them at least. They are all his favourite events. Lucy fell a sleep just before we arrived to our secret location. A 10 minute hike in, bundled up and on the sled she slept as I imagine Inuit babies sleep. (But I wasn't sure, so returned to the car for more blankets.)

She woke for the ride home. We all returned home, and back to our daily on goings. We had one more night before packing up all the loot and returning to our home to pack again, and head to our other family in Istanbul.

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