Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It is already the next morning where we are. I imagine many North American family and friends are still reveling in the nights festivities. Istanbul celebrates New Years Eve with gifts and lots of lighted buildings.  Since we just arrived jet leg and time zone changes were on our side, so we joined in with the late night festivities. We headed out 8pm admiring the lights and making our way to the subway.

Nişantaşı neighbourhood was our destination. Known as the less crowded street party, the less rambunctious one. With an estimated head count of 250,000 people!

Masks were first on the agenda. And then a stroll, shove down the red carpet avenue. My son really wanted to see a live concert, specifically Psy. I didnt know what to expect but of course, there was live music. Once we got into the crowd we zig zagged our way from side to side and front and back (what else is there to do in a mob of partiers?) We managed to walk behind the stage but never was able to see the performer live, up front.  Too many people and obstacles.

 Lucy with the best view, but getting very, very tired.

We found a vienna cafe that allowed us to enter. Some warmth, lattes and cheese cake.

Back outside, we headed downhill towards the Bosphorus in an attempt to catch the fireworks show.  We ended up stuck between windy streets and tall buildings and had lost our view just at midnight. We heard lots and saw lots in reflections, but missed the majority.  Although, I managed to capture this one, which was actually tossed up over our street party.

My kids were troopers. My son wants to come here every year for New Years. He was really pleased with himself and staying up until midnight but was relieved we jumped in a taxi to return home. I appreciated the temperatures and being able to spend New Years in this fabulous city with our other family.

We wish lots of joy and bliss to everyone in 2013! 

Yeni Yılınız Kutlu Olsun

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