Sunday, January 6, 2013

Red windmill

We went for a drive to the countryside today, an hour and a half out of Istanbul. Snow was in the forecast. When we reached our destination, ┼×ile, we spotted this red wind mill on the rocky ledge with the Black Sea in the back ground. We were looking for the entrance to the path so we could get closer. It was windy and rain had just started to fall. The kids had fallen a sleep, but got up to come for the small hike. I was taking pictures from behind the fence in a parking lot. Just as we found an open gate, the wind picked up and the rain turned to sleet. We got drenched quickly and ran back to the car. Perhaps wimpy of us, but we may have blown off the cliff. ;). As we left, the sleet turned back to rain and then dwindled. No snow. Consider the town bookmarked and will eventually return, in a summer time.

Istanbul, 1/6/2013

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