Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Antiquing ottoman and other shopping escapades

Heading to the top of the Grand Bazaar via the street car in order to visit "copper store" street and then head inside the bazaar to roam and walk down the hill.  We passed an old bookstore and a couple antique stores just outside the entrance.  Trays lining the store front filled with interesting shapes, colours and oddities made for easy browsing. I picked up a brass spout with an interesting handle. There were several, all different sizes and handles. Solid, soft and intricate. I held onto one and checked out all the other goods. The shop owner, by my side, wanting to explain the items.  I couldn't put that one spout down, 80 years old (not much of an antique in their minds).  The threads were in good condition, the handle turned. I'm not sure if its the standard North American size, but I am sure some handy person should be able to hook it up for the outdoor spout, water barrel collector or  a bird bath. Or make my vision of rough hardware brass spouts for my half bath sink come true. (Ill have to come back for another)

Had I had my dithers about myself I woulda shoulda purchased a padlock from the Ottoman empire. But it was 300 dollars and as neat as it was.... well... I didn't have my dithers. Had I brought my sd card, I could have at least captured it in picture. (Shaped like these padlocks, but replace the bar with a fox or whale. Very cool. Next time, a padlock for a shed on the list)

After I bought this, we walked fairly quickly through the bazaar, browsing the shop window displays, maneuvering amongst other tourists and a stop for nourishment a.k.a. crepes ... maybe I feared myself and needed to get out of their before I bought some other unnecessary item, like another rug.

Other shopping escapades took us to Ikea (they now have three, built in five years; the closest one to my home town is still 4 hours away) where I bought a lacy hanging plant holder for myself and, perhaps a friend.  I spotted this in a magazine a year ago but couldn't find it in the local Ikea, when I saw it here, justification enough.

Mango and Zara Home, stores that are not local to me. One cannot have enough sweater dresses and soaps. Actually this sweater dress, blue ribbed, with blocked shoulders reminds me of an old army sweater.  Marked down 65%, I went for it.

A robot wine bottle stopper and Euro toilet paper from karnica, a colourful store filled with kitchen and office gadgets.. Yes, we all need some of these things.

I left to my imagination all the sweet, over priced sitting chairs around Mudo.  All perfect in their own way, although rather small. A fun place to browse for inspiration.

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