Monday, February 18, 2013

Two little pictures

Back in October I won a giveaway; an assortment of gifts from Robin Street Market. I gave the really cool cufflinks to my brother, and kept the tea towel, the artsy blue bird card and other items.  Using a sewing pin, I stuck artsy blue bird card on the wall in the half bath.  FINALLY I found and bought a square frame for it. Not that square frames are unique, but one has to first know the dimensions and then also take the time too look. A friend's artist mother painted the rabbit and gave that to Lucy for Christmas. So up it went, under the blue bird.

The frames were meant to hang centered on top of each other, but it didn't work out that way. Since they are almost aligned on the left side, which lines up with the window frame, they are staying as is.  With a little art finally added to the half bath, this project is almost complete....well, almost being the key word. I still have to paint the baseboard (installed on thursday), chalkboard paint the sliding door (bought the paint yesterday!) and take out that horrendous medicine cabinet (still looking for a replacement). And swap out the sink for something narrower (maybe this one).

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