Sunday, March 31, 2013


I must report that HomeGoods / Marshalls has the cutest and most fun garden section going on right now. Wire baskets, wooden crates,ceramic pots. Greenhouses, pinwheels and garden decorations. Wire chairs and side tables. I have gone twice; I mentally, and a bit impulsively, fill the cart up with the best items but really I restrain and selectively choose a few best items and then narrow that selection down and come out with three sweet items that will surely enhance my gardening experience this spring.

The rock bunny being my favourite. I know, paying money for a few rocks and wire??! But it was too cool to pass by the second time.  And the wire basket and green planter for the seeds I have planted and the idea I have of crazy Morning Glories growing up and all over the balcony & porch posts.

Back on the farm, my favourite bunnies bounding around looking for hidden treasures.


Another 100 year old house renovation

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