Saturday, March 30, 2013


Lavender, Daisy and Echinacea; Blue and Orange exotic poppies,
Red & Blue morning glories; Zinnia, & Mother of Thyme

Little greenhouse seeds are working hard and turning into buds, soon to be transplanted. Tulips and other spring bulbs are sprouting in the garden, but its well before the last frost date in my little spot on this world.  I recall last year, just as our Magnolia trees and other flowering shrubs and trees were about to beautify frost hit and killed them all.  I'll give them their due attention this year and absorb their beauty and not take it for granted.

Happy Easter, Happy travels! (Yep, that's an empty Easter basket and the side of a pineapple, amongst the paint cans!)

1 comment:

  1. happy easter! can't wait for some warm weather and sunshine so i can start putting plants on the balcony! also, it's snowing right now.


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