Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A New York minute?

For those not in the know, New York State is more then just "The City",.. we are made up of lots of cities. The "New York Minute" city reference aptly applies to weather in another city in CNY.  (When I first landed here 14 + years ago I wasn't in the know. When people referred to the city, I naturally thought they referred to the city next to the suburb or farmland they were in.  Some experience under my belt and now in the know,  Oh, "The City", roll eyes...

Anyhow, we, in another city in NY, have been experiencing New York minutes ... and for a minute we had a Spring day; the Tulips up and now long gone, the Bridal Wreath Spirea at its best.

Another minute of spring and I was able to plant the rest of the garden (a couple of Lavender plants surrounded by other purple ones and some a yellow. And a couple of happy-go-lucky Gerbera Daisy's that don't really fit in with the rest, but were too irresistible not to include here. We even had a minute to lay in the small bit of shade that the Japanese maple formed.

And then that minute was gone. So long Spring, until next week, I hope.

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