Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A kitchen angle - Before and after

Organizing my photos into categories, I came across a move in day photo of the kitchen. I always wondered why before pictures look so bad, like one is purposefully making the before worse then it is in order to accentuate the after. But now I get it, I wasn't thinking of documenting a kitchen reno on move in day, just was taking pictures and unloading boxes.

These are all taken from the dining room, same angle. You can see we tore out all the lower and upper cabinets. Got rid of the angled stove (I didnt like that at all). Moved the position of the sink. Got rid of the half wall that was separating an unused area.  The idea was to make the kitchen brighter and more spacious. I think I achieved that. The old cabinets were dark and water damaged. The white cabinets and lack of upper cabinets make the area more spacious and lighter.  The wrap around counter provides much needed counter space, which the before kitchen lacked.

One day Ill get some real after pictures.... but for now, I thought this was an good reminder of what was and what is.

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