Thursday, May 30, 2013

Old house - bathroom

Feeling nostalgic, going through photos.  Seeing "what was" in a photo versus "what I perceived" at the time.

In my first house, the bathroom was much bigger then my current house (hard to believe one can get smaller). It also had natural light (a must in bathroom) and charming wallpaper. But the wall paper was peeling off, so I begin my first wall paper removal adventure. I was semi prompted by my circumstances at the time, waiting to hear about a contract, possibly having to put my house on the market and return to my homeland  (OH YES, this is where I am at RIGHT now.  Been there, done that.  Deja vu minus 6 years.) And although the house sold (yay!), the day after getting an offer on the house, the work contract came through (Ugh). I moved forward, selling the house, found an apartment to move into and then bought another house.

Anyhow, back to the bathroom in the first house. Charming wallpaper but peeling off. So I bought my scraper and took the rest off. The scraper became my favourite tool. Still is.

I was contemplating pink. My 4 year old son was on board for a pink bathroom. Hot pink w/ white and black tile, a la french.

But then it was time to put the house on the market and I chose a safe colour, neutral beige, with a few pink accents.

I was very new to homeowner ship, renovating and on a shoe string budget,  but I managed to remove the light fixtures, paint them black and screw them back on. I came up with a snazzy chain link shower curtain rod. And painted. Go Me!  I was really pleased with the results and if I were doing it again, I would go pink and replace the lights, (and oh boy, get rid of the plastic medicine cabinet above the sink) but back then shoe string budget and selling were factors. (At the time, I thought that blue hand towel worked...ha! It must have had sentimental meaning)

 My now 10 year old occasionally asks to move back to that house.  He recalls that we painted the bathroom pink. I love that memory of his and I don't dare tell him otherwise.

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