Thursday, June 13, 2013

Toddler room

While I paint the last wall in my dining room, some updated photos of the nursery, toddler, pre-schooler room.

A while ago, I moved a short cabinet & bookcase into her room.  A practical purchase when we first moved in, used in the sleeping porch for Chaz's toys. After a year or so, Chaz out grew such toys and the room became storage.  As Lucy grows, so do her interests and toys and the need for quick and accessible storage for her things.

Old house = slanted floors. I never attached the magnetic strips to keep the doors shut. Ribbons add a touch of interest and do the job.

I have other ideas for the wall; a light colour or some Swedish inspired floral wall paper, but for now it remains orangey coral.  It was the first room I painted(hired out) when I bought the house 3.5+ years ago and SO much thought went into these colours so Im not ready for a change yet (I'm a bit sentimental). I've come a long way with painting skills, no more hiring out, no more tape or drop cloth or frustration. Cutting in/out like a champ!

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