Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Sometimes I look at the blogger stats and click on the links to see where views have come from. When there are widget links, I follow them to my old posts, to see what interests a reader. AND OMG, the links that take me to the in process kitchen renovation photos kill me. I die. Did we really live amongst all that stuff. The family room filled with all the shiny new kitchen appliances and IKEA boxes. Aye, nuts. But thankfully, a year and more later, a home that has more sense and belonging. I wont link to those disturbing pictures, they are easy to find in the links below the post.

There is frost on the ground and it's time to call the contractor to help install the pantry, which has taken over the dining room. And the open shelves above the kitchen sink, which have been leaning against a wall behind a door for half the year. 

Above, a view to the kitchen from the living room. The large kitchen drawers and IKEA SVEP hardware. The hardware that was discontinued before I bought the last two handles I need for the pantry *groan*.  I suppose that allows me to get creative and find a different solution for pantry door hardware.

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