Friday, October 25, 2013

The Oxford comma, and other links


My accomplished cousin, both new to the bar lawyer and an opera singer, recently declared on facebook; oh why, oh why not the Oxford comma. A responder posted this joke, which I found particularly amusing. Hailing from Canada, I suspect I was not encouraged to use the Oxford comma (aka serial comma). Also, being a tad bit of a minimalist, the less writing I had to do the better. I rarely use it. But I love that I have been reminded of the name of this extraneous comma and its background.

Browsing the magazine racks recently, I flipped through  Somerset Home Magazine Vol.8 and found some inspiring craft projects.  I have a bunch of lifestyle, decor blogs I follow, but I still love flipping through a magazine.  I like the idea of this table cloth and am especially interested in making the mobile and lace curtain. I have one doily to start a lace curtain edge.  I'll need to go hunting for a few more. I am not crafty enough, but if you are go here for an attempt at being published.

Updates in my own home; I placed a few of my vases on the mantel, simplified it. (From l-r; a Turkish etched rock, vase from Costa Rica, Turkish urn pottery, Taiwanese vase, Nicaragua pottery, LAUGH, and an antique frame holding my sons first drawings). Although I want a white fireplace, something not so in your face, I am not committed to this house and tend to leave that decision to the next owners. C'est la vie.

I bought and primed a few pine planks to see if I want to pursue built-in shelves on either side of the fireplace. The planks are currently supported by my antique butter box and other wooden crates. That works for me (and "not being committed to this house", surely I would have to paint the bricks white if I pursued built-in shelves)!

The switch plates arrived. A small but desirable improvement.  I like how the frame of the switch plate is similar to the casings around the window and doors. And they all match! Now I can order a dozen more for upstairs.

My intentions for a garlic garden .... well, I cannot dig out the Morning Glories when they look like this, so that will have to wait!

And the kitchen pantry is half built. Still waiting for that rainy day for the contractor to come. Do you know, there has not been a rainy week day for two and a half months. WOW!  Im considering something like this (rope knob) for the pantry doors (since the hardware I have on the rest of the cabinets was discontinued. BOO).

So, are you nay or yea for the Oxford comma? How are you coming along, cozying up your house for the fall and winter?

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