Friday, October 11, 2013

New lens

A while ago, maybe a month, I took out my camera to shoot, and discovered the lens was smashed in. Much to my dismay not only was the lens smushed, I discovered, if a lens cannot focus, a picture cannot be taken.  Bummer.

My birthday was a few weeks ago and I received an Amazon gift card. Cool. But I quickly found out shopping on amazon was overwhelming and not so fun. Too many things. SO I bought my son a deck of Bicycle cards for his birthday, my budding magician. And I promised myself not to dwindle away the money. And then I started. I bought some tea tree oil. I bought a couple of switch plate covers for the house. I added the most current decor books into the cart...

My son's birthday was approaching and I started to prepare for his celebration. Canadian Thanksgiving weekend was also approaching.  And then yesterday I realized that not only would I not be able to capture his party BUT worse, I wouldn't be able to take our annual shots at the 5 Span Bridge in Pakenham. Every year we drive up to my parents house for Thanksgiving and my son's bday and my mom's bday. And every year, on the way home, I stop at the Mississippi rapids that run under the 5 span bridge. And I take pictures of my kids. Every YEAR. What was I going to do this year. BOO HOO.

good night morning glory

A little research found a lens on sale for 144 dollars. A macro telephoto super lens. Good thing I didn't blow away all my gift card $.  The excitement was real and the need of getting lens and a camera in hand again was strong.

my other bday present, gray bowls

I'm still figuring this lens out.   I like to get very close to my object to shoot, but with this lens I have to stand far away and let it do the work. Kind of weird for me.  Soccer season is upon us, so I will now be able to zoom for some action shots. The lens is surprisingly inexpensive compared to all the other ones, and it works really well, a quick fix for my photo clicking needs.

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