Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer, a moment past (Autumn DIY List)

Summer is a few weeks behind us, middle school well under way for the child. A bit of structure and routine is welcome, but missing the carefree days of spontaneity and aimlessness.  I'm still just working one day a week while we try to find a vehicle for the contract.   I have never had so much down time. Perhaps 20+ years ago, when I was a college student. I love it and fill my days with anything I desire yet also providing myself with a flexible routine; Im 3 weeks in to an online course which gives me perspective w/ time, direction (and even a certificate to add to the resume.). Training for a 5k. And working on indoor and out door projects at my leisure. And not to forget little Lucy, lots of time with the three year old.

I am reminded of this comic about introverts and energy levels. I was well over due for recharging and enjoying every day.  IN fact last year I was trying to figure out how to take a career sabbatical and voila. Of course, I hope and need and want the contract to eventually start up.

We recently went to Boston to see an international soccer friendly game and visit (the closest) IKEA to purchase the last of my kitchen, the pantry. Yes, the very last piece of the longest kitchen renovation ever.  The 80 inch boxes are laying in my dining room ready to be built. 

So here it is, the fall list of things to accomplish.  Flagged items - *** - are priority and scheduled to happen soon. By scheduled I mean me getting mentally prepared to build pantry and fitting it in with a rainy day for contractor to come and help me install it. 

***Build pantry
***Install pantry
***Make rope handle for long door (iron handles were discontinued)
(The SVEP handles that I bought for the rest of the kitchen were discontinued and although I picked up a few knobs for the upper pantry, I was sure I had two handles at home for the doors. Nada.  Luckily I found a set on ebay; unfortunately she is charging 3 times the price.  This person is either brilliant or evil. Extortion I think. Rope handle it will be.)
~Purchase and install dishwasher
***Install shelves above sink

living room
~ hire stylist, or an architect to rebuild front of house, moving front door from center of house to north side, to enter sunporch. Getting rid of entrance into middle of living room allowing for more flexibility with furniture.
*** build L shaped book case east side of fireplace. wrap around.
*** install tv on wall above the L shaped book case. narrow shelves under tv, wider shelves beside fireplace for board games and books.
~ regular bookcase west side of fireplace
*** paint fireplace white
~ re purpose library shelf to my room
~ replace fan light with either two ceiling lights for room distinction
~ purchase studio upright ebony piano
~ purchase The STRANDMON wing chair in, Svanby gray.
~ large rug.

Peacock blue flex room
~ replace westelm tillary and move tillary to peacock room;
~ paint room wheatberry pink.

*** fix cracked grout in recessed shelf / bathroom
*** re seal.
*** install shelf over recessed shelf above toilet
*** install medicine cabinet

Half bathroom
*** deal with hideous medicine cabinet; perhaps the short gray metal cabinet @ Ikea and round mirror below

*** build wall to separate two bedrooms - waiting for a rain day.
*** paint the wall

Painting, if I get the urge to swap around colours
dining room - paint peacock blue
living room paint classic gray
peacock blue room to wheatberry.

WIP Reseed patches of grass where the beans garden was.
*** dig out garden, prepare it for a vegetable garden. Plant garlic
*** huge project *** concrete steps to basement - cracking and breaking. that link was from three years ago, the concrete is getting worse and its time to commit to plan of hauling out the corner of the yard, removing concrete steps, leveling area and making a walkway.

That ought to do it. My camera broke, so thats on my list of things to replace too. Maybe next post will be about all the things I have accomplished over the past few months.

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