Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wallpaper art

My mom is tearing off the 30 year old wallpaper in each of her kids rooms. My childhood room, that is.  When I visit I would sleep in the cheerful room.  I tried helping her scrape off the wallpaper this weekend, but that job sucks. Sticks too well to unfinished drywall.  Before I gave up I snagged a few pieces and thought to frame them.

The flowers were on three walls and the striped blue was on a fourth wall (or maybe the other way around). I'm a little sad she is removing the wall paper (she wants to paint the room gray; how modern and up too date of her!), but I have long moved out and this will be a nice memory.

A memory for myself, and a potential gift for my mom. I need to collect the wall paper from the other two rooms and make a triptych of her kids wallpapered rooms.

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