Saturday, August 24, 2013

Painted medicine cabinet

And because I am that kind of lazy and house guests were arriving shortly, I screwed the hardware back in and declared the project complete.

I decided to paint the perfect, narrow medicine cabinet because I have spent the past 5 years brightening up this house, particularly the bathroom and the kitchen. The wood was ok and smelled like cedar, but it seemed I would be retracting all that hard work by not painting.

Sun drying painted cabinet

Notice that "that kind of lazy" person is also sparse w/ the painters tape.  After placing a few strips on, I decided too much effort was being exerted (and tape getting stuck everywhere); it would be easier to just omit painting the edges all together.  I managed ok, only smearing one pane.

It was at this moment, while taking pictures of my lazy ass completed project, that I discovered my camera was busted. Lens was smashed in and no longer could focus to snap picture. Not sure when it was dropped, (must have been from a very high cliff that I was not on).  And now I have a good reason to finally get that new camera, or at least a new lens.  By then the cabinet should be properly cured and installed in bathroom.

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