Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A spoonful of sugar...

I have been finding many unique and useful cabines in a section of Home Goods and recently scooped up this long narrow medicine like cabinet ("makes the medicine go down", the rest of the lyric used in the title). Perfect for my small and hugely under shelved bathroom. It smells like cedar, although hardly looks like it. We are giving it a coat of Kilz2 and then will paint it with left over pale gray (Classic Gray - Benj Moore) (from the dining room) or pale green (Oatlands Taupe - Benj Moore) (from the bathroom & vestibule). Pretty excited about this addition. The bathroom was renovated several years ago, and then I left it with one awkward, unfinished shelf that was merely good for displaying things and quickly became cluttered.

Painting again.  Which means some cleaning, dusting and organizing is happening. See that unfinished portion above the window.  Well its now painted. Window frame also done. Dining room 99% completed. I decided to paint the alcove a darker shade of gray, will get back to that later.

And its raining today and forecast for the next week. Good news for me, as my contractor said he can come build a wall on a rainy day which will allow me to paint the rest of my bedroom and then work on the other bedroom.

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