Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Perry blue

 A last minute decision on a Halloween costume had us at A.C.Moore's this morning looking for orange felt and blue paint.  It was obvious that this is what she should have been from the get go, after all, for the past few months she had been introducing herself as this character to any one who asked her what her name was.  Yes, I got some hairy eye ball looks, bad mom for naming a child that.  She crouched like him. She growled like him.

A month ago, she had caught site of an old Bear costume in the box in the attic and decided to be a Happy Bear for Halloween.  Oddly for her, every time she put on the costume, it came off minutes after. "Too scratchy". Much different then last year when she wore her dragon costume for a month, And then continued to use it as her winter jacket.

I started to keep my eyes peeled for this character, just in case. A quick search on line killed that idea when $80. dollar costume appeared. No thank you! (actually, they were adult sized, not too many toddler sized ones). She was happy with her Happy Bear declaration; I kept my idea on the down low (not wanting to exert myself into costume making).  Until last night. When she was watching the reruns for the billionth time. And there on the show, the cartoon sister was wearing a costume of the character.  (I'm not sure why, I wasn't following it, except that people kept calling her "Mom"). It was simple. And it had to be done.  In a few months her obsession will have passed. This memory had to be captured. Time is of essence.


One painted box and we are almost done... Any guesses?

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