Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goo Gone!

In the spirit of Halloween ... Goo rhymes with Boo. Goo is the essence of haunted houses. I'll post my kids costumes later on; for now I have a story of immediate success and accomplishment...

My oven has been installed for exactly a year. The sticky marks left over from the packaging have also remained on the stainless steel panel for a year.  Did they bother me. Absolutely! Ugly and unfinished looking. But was I worried? Not so much.  Sometime during the few years of my blog reading days I had read about a product made just for this kind of thing. In the back of my mind, I knew some day I would deal with this unjust sight. And yesterday, on our last minute Halloween costume making dash through A.C. Moore, while trying to find the two things I needed to make a costume and returning to the shelves, 3 stuffed animals, one puppet and some yellow yarn that Lucy had added to the cart, my eyes landed upon a display rack at the end of an aisle containing various sizes of bottles and tins and different brand names all containing that Golden Liquid. The time had come.

Mulling over the different options, and a convincing discussion with the sales clerk I was sold. The golden liquid was mine; a clean surface waiting to happen.

And it did. 30 seconds of application and then a soapy water rinse and the stainless steel panel was sparkling like new. Now I walk by and smile at the ease it took to make the panel gleam. Unfortunately there are no other surfaces in my home that require GOO GONE, but it claims it removes clothing stains as well. And I got a lot of that to test the golden liquid.

This is not a sponsored post, but I wouldn't be opposed! :) The stuff does work, and I went with the brand that the sales clerk had used.


  1. I absolutely adore this stuff. It's basically just concentrated orange oil, but I've used it effectively on hundreds of items, including leather (you're not supposed to, but I tried it and it worked fine), glass, metal, plastic, book covers (I absolutely loathe stickers), painted wood, furniture, and a bunch of other surfaces. It has never damaged anything, and it lasts pretty much forever. On the other hand, I've used "Sticky Stuff Remover" once or twice (we had some at work) and I hated it. One of the first times I tried it, it damaged the varnish on a piece of furniture.

    1. Cool, so I lucked out with a good brand. Good to hear all the things it can work on.


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