Friday, November 1, 2013

A duck? A bird?

Ah the tail, A platypus! Three strands of hair, Perry the platypus, to be sure.

It was a not so dark and raining evening. Not a creature was stirring, not even a witch. Households were doling out candy by the handfuls, trying to get rid of it.

"Perry", being the 2nd born has experienced Halloween since she was 1, but this year it was much more fun for her. And mummy, finally got to make her box costume.  Over the years she always suggested box type costumes to her son, a die? a robot? rubic's cube? To no avail. He was into the super hero's. But this year, it was all homemade. A box platypus. And a Hobo.

My middle school hobo was invited to Halloween party this year. He chose to trick or treat first. And secretly, I was happy that that is his preference. Candy over girls.

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