Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Garlic garden

Three summers here, lots of gardening, trial and learning, moving plants around and I have deduced the best location for a successful vegetable garden is the north side along side the chain link fence. BUT first I had to wait it out, wait it out for the Morning Glories to expire.

That happened a few weeks ago, earlier then I expected, but anxious to follow through with the garlic plot plan. Bittersweet. Frost killed the Blue Morning Glories, morning glorious ALL DAY LONG. A little thing I learned this summer, BLUE flowering Morning Glories remain open All.Day.Long. You can see the purple flowers curling up and tucking in for the day and the blue ones fully open, inhaling all the daylight has to offer.

Quickly and quietly, they died. We were left with brown, wet vines and dead flowers. I chopped and cut the vines, tore and pulled them off of their perches and out of the ground. East of the hydrangea, I dug and turned the soil, readying it for planting.  8" inches apart, and a few cm under, we pushed the little cloves down, 13 in all. Dusting the soil and dead leaves from my hands, but not able to shake off the stench, a cornucopia of Autumn smells, and not the good kind. A mixture of garlic finger tips, composted manure pile palms, and something nasty on the bottom of my shoes. But the garlic bed is planted, grass cut and leaves mulched. An old bag of white tulips found and tucked under the soil.

Yeah, the leaf covering will blow away before the snow falls, but for now, its working. The rest of the garden will be planted in the spring. Tomato's are our long time favourite. And will try a few blueberry bushes.

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