Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The shelving project

I set out to make some plumbing shelves to reside in the nook between the fireplace and wall.  A little test to see if I wanted to commit to the expense of built ins. The nook has been several things before but nothing just right and lately it was home to my antique crates and wasted space.  We headed to the store where I researched and gathered information on the plumbing portion of the shelf. We left with three and a quarter pine planks, the widest one available, and had Home Depot cut it into 3 44" long pieces plus a square left over piece. Love that service.  I figured while I prepped the pine planks, I could ponder the dimensions and required pieces of plumbing hardware I would need.

I put the girl to work, sanding and priming the planks.  I leaned them up to dry; sun dried planks. And they remained like that for awhile while I pondered dimensions.

And then my sons birthday party was approaching and I really needed to clean up that corner. A D'uh moment, and I realized the antique boxes that I INTENDED to place in between the shelves when completed could hold the planks INPLACE until I figured out the plumbing portion.

And that is where the shelving project between the fireplace and wall ends.  The space is finally used in a useful way and it even looks decent.  And I do not need to do the math to figure out the plumbing pieces. Hooray! All I need now are a few more antique boxes and another plank for the other side.

p.s. the little square piece that was left over from the pine plank.... we are trying to turn that into a clock... stay tuned.

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