Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A little reading nook

Previously a console table for phone and  modem resided against the wall. The crates & books were between the fireplace and wall, a bookcase area, a typical set up.  Clearing the area instantly lightened up the room, made it appear larger, made me rethink painting the bricks white, added some necessary seating and a gleefully new perspective on the room.

Some bird accessories. I didn't realize I was prone to buying bird things.

The wooden crates are flea market finds, Canadian Butter boxes.

And a couple of wooden fruit crates.

Two kilm stools, covered with an off white Turkish blanket.

Cat approved.


  1. I love this little area. Nothing better than a little corner to curl up with a book (or a cat!). Good luck on the renovations! x

  2. I love little reading nooks! I can just imagine curling up next to that window with a book and a cup of tea. I might even let the cat sit on my lap. For a few minutes.

  3. I love this. Every house must have a reading nook. So important.


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